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NACE NIICAP Accreditation Added By US Air Force Civil Engineering Center

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

The NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP) reported today it is continuing to gain momentum in industry.

NACE Institute staff announced the latest organization and Federal Government Agency to stipulate NIICAP industrial coatings contractors in their scope of work is The Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC).

The AFCEC is a Military Fuels Program that manages all work related to the exterior and interior coatings for above-ground pipelines, fuel storage tanks, water storage tanks, and other related steel structures in military bases across the world.


The institute is quoted: "NIICAP is recognized as a more stringent and accountable contractor accreditation program, backed by an industry leader, and is the reason that more owners are recognizing the need to include it into their specifications. Now is a great time to consider becoming NIICAP accredited and earn a globally recognized accreditation."


NACE Institute is the global leader in developing corrosion prevention and control standards, certification and education. NACE offers access to a global network of more than 36,000 peers and trains leaders to further the mission of the association. NACE International promotes the study of corrosion science and engineering.

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