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The MyCAP Process

MyCAP Partners will help you achieve your NIICAP Accreditation


Owners have long sought a way to reduce risk & absolutely guarantee contractors they hire provide the high quality people and work required for asset longevity and safety. Now they have one.

By simply updating their specifications to require NACE NIICAP Accreditation, Owners across the globe are building a model for sustainability into their current and future infrastructure projects. 

NIICAP is spreading across industries like wildfire - oil & gas, bridge, water & wastewater, power - it validates a coatings contractor's quality assurance program, support practices, and production processes, and narrows the field of bidders.

It's clear to industry insiders that Coatings Contractors need the NIICAP accreditation to succeed in the future. But the application and audit process isn’t guaranteed - thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars are wasted every year with some contractors simply throwing up their hands, leaving the Accreditation (and their company’s future) to the winds of fate.

MYCAP Partners guarantees your organization a fair shot at NACE NIICAP accreditation no matter where you are in the world.
A proven system - adapted to fit your market, culture and existing processes.
Unleash the potential for excellence in your company.


Clients receive online tracking tools and scoreboards for real-time feedback on our progress for every deliverable.


We walk together step by step through your application, preparing you for a simple & easy Audit.


You want calm, cool and organized Accreditation Managers who work with you to overcome any hurdles.

You want results

We deliver; every time. You’ll find us timely, responsive, and always pushing ourselves and your team toward excellence.

Your MyCAP Accreditation Manager offers

Fresh perspective

It can be beneficial to have a new set of eyes on your processes.  It will not only move your accreditation forward quickly but generate additional strategies that appeal to your staff and clients.

Immediate Cost Savings

When you begin the NIICAP process, you see immediate increase in quality and decrease in rework.

Immediate Time Savings

Yes, you could manage the NIICAP accreditation process in house just by following our free tutorials and asking questions on the weekly calls. But it will take you a LOT longer than our Accreditation Manager. 

Can you take time away from your current responsibilities?

Technical skills

Each Accreditation Manager is an experienced NACE and NIICAP professional (often a coatings or corrosion expert). They have agreed to work with MyCAP and our clients to speed adoption of the NIICAP program for field and shop coatings contractors around the world.

We're the perfect fit for you if 

You are truly responsible for Quality

No one else in your organization cares as much as you do. Some hope you fail, to be honest. But if you’re one of us, a guy or gal who cares about protecting what you’ve built, you’re a perfect fit.

You care about getting the systems right

Three criteria must be met to get quality work - the right people doing the right things in the right way. 

You have the right people and you know what has to be done. But how do you guarantee it’s happening the right way? Systems.

You are willing to invest in the success of your people

Our MyCAP process is an exciting and rewarding process, but investments are often required to up-level your company to meet the requirements. If you're ready for that step and understand the value of an Accreditation in sales & marketing, you'll fit right in.

You care about your clients

We care about our clients. You should too, and should be on this journey, at least partly, for them.

For most clients, the award decision is directly related to cost, quality and safety. And your costs are directly linked to your quality, aren't they?

PLUS most business spend more on rework than they make in profits. If most businesses could reduce costs by 10% (through less rework), you’d make twice as much profit or be able to lower your costs and win more work.

You care about results

If your organization isn't getting the results you want, start doing something. Even the wrong action is better than nothing because at least with the wrong action, you get feedback and can make adjustments.

The MyCAP process makes sure you have full visibility and control during the entire journey.

You care about time

Are you someone who gathers all the information, makes a decision, and then clearly communicates that decision to everyone? Do you respond to emailed questions in a reasonable timeframe? Do you pay invoices on time?

You’re a Professional

Are you and your team professional? Business communications don’t necessarily need to be stiff and formal but there is an expectation all around of respect and treated professionally. We treat our clients well, and we want clients who return the favor.


If you're our type, let’s schedule that Complimentary Discovery Call and get to work....



Not quite ready to start the Application Process? Get involved with the NIICAP community in a small way to see if it's something you want to pursue.

Join the NIICAP
LinkedIn Community

Complimentary Access



Mentorship Program

Weekly NIICAP Mentorship Calls





Answers to all your Questions


60 MIN Q&A Call


The MyCAP NIICAP Accreditation Process Outline

How to hire MyCAP Partners as your NIICAP Accreditation Manager at no-risk:

  1. Discovery Call (15-20 mins)
  2. We email you a link to an online questionnaire about your organization
  3. We’ll create a custom NIICAP Accreditation Process Outline, crafted for the time frame you need, with the proposed fee, expense budget, and all the details of our 100% Money-Back Offer, and all the info you need
  4. You consider all the information. You may schedule a follow up call or simply email us questions and we’ll get you all the answers.
  5. If you decide to work with us, we provide a secure link to our client page, where you can make the initial deposit.
  6. Progress payments are structured along the project timeline to reduce risk to our clients.  Cancel any time.


* Travel expenses (for any on-site work) are not included

NIICAP Application Assistance



Expertise and process resources at your fingertips as you make your way through the NIICAP process.



An Accreditation Executive

An Accreditation Manager

Your Gap Analysis report

Your Accreditation Process outline

Monthly support calls (1 hour)

(3 month minimum)



NICCAP Application Assistance



We lead you through a time-bound program, providing all the support you need to prepare your application, Plus access to our Procedures Library.



An Accreditation Executive

An Accreditation Manager

Your Gap Analysis report

Your Accreditation Process outline

Monthly support calls (1 hour)


1 coordination site visit

Your Accreditation Schedule

Written procedures management


NIICAP Application Management Package



We do all the work.



An Accreditation Executive

An Accreditation Manager

Your Gap Analysis report

Your Accreditation Process outline

Monthly support calls (1 hour)


2 coordination site visits

Your Accreditation Schedule

Written procedures management


Application management

Audit preparation

Post-audit support

Access to Sales & Marketing Packages


"Amanda, I really enjoyed your presentation! You’re funny, engaging, and easy to listen to! Thanks for everything"

"Absolutely recommend this speaker. Thank you! Thank you!”"

"Thank you so much. This has been a terrific investment of time."

"Amanda is very genuine. Everyone can relate to her."

"19 of 21 ‘Excellent’ ratings"

"This was one of the best professional development exercises we have employed since we began the program"

"This was one of the best professional development exercises we have employed since we began the program"



US - Japan - Brunei - South Korea - Saudi Arabia - Trinidad and Tobago - Australia - Europe

Why MyCAP Partners?

You want reliable people on your NIICAP team, especially when this could mean success or failure for your organization.  You want people with integrity.  Amanda, Travis, and anyone invited to be on our staff has the trust of the greater corrosion community.

You want passionate people on your team

If we’re going to shape the world our kids and grandkids are going to live and work in, we need to help companies make that world a better place.

There is conflict, disease, and hunger here at home and around the world - those challenges can’t be fixed if we’re wasting money on poor quality. Each contractor we train makes it more likely our infrastructure lasts longer and we all live in a better world.



You want real people on your team

You know authenticity when you see it. You’ll readily sniff out a person who cares, and we know that. We might make mistakes, and we're not the biggest company, but we care about people, and making this process easy and successful for you and your team.

Our background as contractors and NACE inspectors and exposure to so many industries and cultures uniquely positions Amanda and I to lead your team, and ours, through this process.


Let's talk - Schedule a Call

We’re flexible

You’ll love our flexibility

We work anywhere in the world, on your schedule. 

Speed up? Let’s rock.

Slow down? Sure.

Want to postpone your engagement? Fine.

Reschedule a meeting? No problem.

Emergency? We’re on it.

Are you and your team ready to unleash the power of NIICAP in your market?


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