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Considering NIICAP Accreditation?

Get your PDF highlighting the steps required to gain Accreditation PLUS a process checklist.

We help Industrial Coatings Facilities and Contractors around the world achieve NACE NIICAP Accreditation.

NACE NIICAP Accreditation Experts




Why NIICAP? Why now?

Major industry buyers in every industry are moving rapidly towards an Accreditation requirement.

NACE provides a credible process for Owners to require high quality providers, and Contractors are in line to apply.

If you need NIICAP, our roadmap is the simplest way forward.

And if you are out of time or have questions, we're here for you, too.

The MyCAP Process

Get ahead of the curve.

Get ahead of your competitors.

And stay there.


Meet the MyCAP Leadership Team

Principal Consultants: Travis and Amanda LeFever

Travis LeFever is a 15-year NACE & SSPC veteran. He was selected early in his career for a role as a CIP Instructor and mentored by current NACE President Terry Greenfield. He has taught CIP 1, CIP 2, Bridge, Shipboard Corrosion Assessments, Protective Coatings Specialists 1 & 2, and sat as a Peer for CIP Level 3 in 8 countries. He holds an SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist Certification and was the corporate sponsor and graduate of the inaugural class for the SSPC Concrete Coatings Inspector certification.

He has spoken at numerous NACE conferences, held multiple volunteer positions, including Chair of the NACE Carolinas Section, and currently sits on NACE technical committees and the Education Committee - CIP Task Force as well as the Applicator Training Task Force.

A successful entrepreneur, two of Travis' companies are Industrial Construction & Maintenance companies specializing in Field application of industrial coatings. His companies have held Prime contracts with every branch of the US military, including the Architect of the Capitol for work on Senate and House office buildings. One company held the SSPC QP-1 Certification.

Travis has worked in 29 states in the CONUS and 9 countries and has experience in a myriad of industries including Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Power, Industrial Manufacturing, Mining, Aviation, and Military Industrial.


Amanda LeFever has been involved with NACE and SSPC since 2008 and is a Certified NACE Coatings Inspector - Level 3. Her Project & Operations Management expertise lies in streamlining processes, optimizing solutions, and revitalizing underperforming teams. She is proficient in delivering engaging & captivating presentations for large groups of professionals across diverse regions regarding various topics. A stickler for detail, she has earned recognition for developing & implementing programs that significantly improve crew-based quality & performance on industrial coatings projects.

Amanda owned and operated a woman-owned small business, securing her SSPC QP-1 Certification before being awarded several government contracts including a multi-million dollar contract with the Army Corp of Engineers and the US Air Force before expanding into commercial work and Oil & Gas industries.

She effectively communicates complex concepts and translates difficult information in a simplified manner for diverse groups. You're going to love her.

Imagine quickly receiving your NACE NIICAP Accreditation, without completing a single page of paperwork, without writing a single new procedure, knowing exactly what to do every step of the way

More customers. Less rework. Higher profits on every job.

MyCAP - delivering the future of your business.


You save time, money and stress with our assistance understanding the process

You get everything you need to quickly leverage your Accreditation

You get someone to handle all the details

Don't have a full-time Quality Control Director well-versed in the NACE way?
Let MyCAP Partners guide you through the NIICAP Accreditation process.

Would you like to find out more about how to get a hassle-free NIICAP Accreditation?
Email is free and fast - let's talk...

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